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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Breaking News: Feral Cats Likely to March on Greentown

After posting a respectful and considerate response to Mr. Malott's vile attack on cats and those who love them (see below), I was disturbed to read his scathing response.

Unlike Mr. Malott, I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. Therefore, I will admit that it appears that my research on the Latin name for cats was flawed. I believe that this concession only bolsters my credibility in this debate. Unfortunately, Mr. Malott seems to have taken a page out of the liberal playbook in formulating his response. Unable to address the points I raised, he has resorted to petty name-calling and vicious personal attacks: suggesting that my head spins due to demonic possession, suggesting that I am neither kind, gentle nor Godly, and calling me "cat trash".

Recognizing from Mr. Malott's posts and the commentors on our respective blogs that I am outnumbered in my love for the felines among us, and unwilling to lower myself to his level, I will only post this picture as a warning to Mr. Malott that he would do well to never cross me or my cats again.

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