The Right Perspective

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Look Who's Four!

Well, it's been a while. An embarassingly long absence for which I have little excuse.  And that last sentence is a fragment.  Oh well, life is like that sometimes!
Anyhow, yesterday Ethan officially turned four. 

He was just a little excited to open his presents, though you can't tell it in this photo.  What you can see is that he is into all things Star Wars right now.  Note the Yoda shirt, the Star Wars wrapping paper and bags and almost every gift with a Star Wars theme. 
The boy knows what he likes.

Isn't he pretty handsome?

He is all boy, or man, as he will tell you.

We'll be having a bit bigger celebration next weekend with a professional Star Wars cake, but I decided to get creative and attempt to make a Yoda cake.  As you can plainly see, I was NOT an art major.  Heck I would have flunked out of elementary art if there was any real criteria.
Below is the rough outline of Yoda's face.  I used green licorice (painstakingly peeled apart and cut to the appropriate sizes) to outline everything.

In retrospect, I think I should have just left the outline, but one never knows these things until she tries and it's too late!  So then I filled in the outline with squeezable royal cookie icing.  It spreads out and fills in and smooths itself. 
Personally, I think it would make a pretty good Shrek (from what I remember) but Yoda it is not exactly.  

Oh well, Ethan was thrilled and that's all that mattered, plus it makes for great blog fodder, so feel free to mock!
Here's the spread....He was one happy 4 year old!