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Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Much More?

What it was like at the exact moment that the early colonists decided that they'd had enough. More than enough...too much. What must they have felt like when they finally decided that it was past the point of talking and the time had come to do something....something radical...something that could get them in trouble but something to make their point? When did they at last decide that the government had overstepped its bounds and become too oppressive to tolerate?

When is it out time to stop talking and act? Have we reached it yet? Are we close? Have we missed our window of opportunity? Is there even anything we CAN do to finally be heard and understood? Do enough of us care?

I've been thinking about the current state of our nation a lot of late. I am not one of those people who prefer to bury their heads in the sand and not pay attention. I prefer to be informed, but even I am tempted to just tune it all out. I'm tempted to turn off the news, to never check another internet news story and to quit listening to talk radio altogether. I don't care the source, I'm just overwhelmed by it all...and yet I know that doing so is not the right choice. In fact, I believe it might even be irresponsible to stop caring, even when that is exactly what I wish I could do.

I watched the news this morning as I was getting ready for my doctor's appointment. I listened to Rush on the way home from my errands. Generally, I can put a positive spin on what is going on, but lately, I don't see much good that can possibly come from what is happening in our country.

Some people are trying to put a positive spin on our current political events by saying that the elections in 2010 could very well shift us back towards conservatism, but I am not convinced. Not only am I not certain that this will be the case, but I highly suspect that it won't matter much either way. We can put a huge conservative majority in Congress in 2010, but the damage to the country will have already been done. Much has already happened that will greatly harm our society, and as anyone should know, once a government program is put into place, it will never leave. It will only grow.

Candidate Obama told America what he intended to accomplish as president. President Obama has moved very quickly to push legislation through (aided by the Democrat majority in Congress) to do exactly what he promised. President Obama and the liberal left have an agenda and they are moving with great speed to accomplish their goals. The agenda is clear. We are rapidly headed from a Democracy within a Republic to a Socialist government where hard work and success are punished and the welfare state is forced upon us, little by little, until so many people are oppressed that there will be virtually no way out. We will all be forced to depend on a centralized government for our every need...for food, housing, health care, jobs, banking....and it's happening now.

Already, the government is trying to nationalize our banking system, it is the owner of the vast majority of mortgage companies, it is trying RIGHT NOW to implement universal (government mandated and controlled) health care coverage, and workers who are successful in their jobs are being punished in the form of higher taxes, when they already pay far more than their fair share of the load. There is almost no incentive, even now, to be successful or to make it on our own. After all, why bother trying when you know you will only be punished? Why not sit back and enjoy the benefits of being handed everything for doing nothing?

The news is not only depressing, but completely frustrating and anger-inducing. Andrew and I pay our mortgage on time, every time. We bought a house that was well within our means, and we VERY carefully considered what we could afford and what we couldn't. Andrew works his rear end off, every single day, in a very demanding job so that we can make our mortgage payments, and have health insurance and food and clothing. He makes daily sacrifices so that we can meet our responsibilities. We pay far too much in taxes, but we always pay them on time. We take care of ourselves as millions of other hard-working Americans have done before us, and now we will be paying for other, most often very irresponsible, people who didn't bother to live within their means, work hard or sometimes even try to take care of themselves.

That makes me angry.

I'm angry that my husband is now working not only to take care of his family...his responsibility....but he is now also supporting the family that took out a huge home mortgage they absolutely knew they had no prayer of affording, never made a payment, and now can't understand why they are about to lose their house. He is working to pay for food stamps for the single mother who never bothered to have any self-control and had 4 children out of wedlock, with at least one or two deadbeat "dads", who "can't" work because daycare is "too expensive" and besides, why bother? If she has more kids, she knows she will get more why not have a couple more? Sure, her life isn't comfortable, but she never has to leave the house and go to work, so it's not all bad.

I'm angry that even though we can and do pay for our health care, because some people choose not to get an education and then work at minimum wage jobs, and therefore have lousy health insurance (or none at all), we will soon be forced to be under government mandated and controlled universal health care. And so, just like in Europe and Canada, now we will all be subjected to substandard medical care; we will wait in months-long lines and hope that we don't need any kind of treatment that is not cost-effective based on our life expectancy, because if we cost too much...well, we can't have that, now can we? After all, our lives are only worth so much to the government, right?

I'm angry and I feel like no one cares. I'm angry and I don't know what I can do. I know I'm not the only one, but I feel alone, as I hear more and more people falling for the lies of the liberals who want to impose socialism on America. I think I've reached that point where I'm ready to throw my own Boston Tea Party. I think I know how those early colonists they were being squeezed in a vice, like all that was good about their lives was being stolen by the government, like all their hard work made no difference, like they were out of options and they just couldn't take it any more.

I don't want to take it any more

Maybe it's time for those among us who are successful (meaning we don't depend on the government for our food, homes or health care) to simply stop paying taxes. Without our tax money, the government can't do what they want, can't simply force us to go along. And besides, there aren't enough jail cells to put us all what can they do? Maybe there's a better way, but no matter what, I think it's tea party time once again in America....before it's too late.

Vote Here!!!

I had a regular appointment with my OB this morning. I am a day shy of 21 weeks pregnant and officially over the half-way mark. Overall, I feel pretty good, although I do currently have a cold.

My blood pressure is great, everything looks good with me in general, I still haven't gained any weight and am actually down about 6 pounds from where I started (which really means that I have probably lost more than that, but the baby is gaining weight) and best of all, the heartbeat is nice and strong.

At this point, the baby is about 7 inches long (maybe longer if it's anything like Emily!) and weighs about 10-12 oz. Basically, the baby is roughly the size of a 12 oz. coke bottle or a banana. Fun stuff!

I can't ask for anything more.

I have a ton on my mind regarding current events and the direction in which Pres. Obama is forcing our country to go, but in an effort to remain positive I thought I'd run a little poll here that has absolutely nothing to do with politics.

On March 10th, I have an ultrasound scheduled to find out the gender of this baby (and to check out all the major organs and systems). So just for fun, let's have your predictions on whether Miss Emily will be getting a brother or sister.

For the record, I have no idea and no gut feeling either way. I was wrong with Emily, so I don't have a good track record on guessing. Andrew doesn't have a leaning either way. Emily is convinced it's a "sister".

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This will be short and sweet:


Thank you, I'm done now.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Unbalanced

Or, for Seinfeld fans, "She's heightening!"

Yep, it's true. Yesterday I officially discovered what I have long suspected...I'm unbalanced.

I went to the Osteo-clinic at my doctor's office Friday morning and, since it is affiliated with a teaching hospital, I became the guinea pig. In an exam room the size of a typical clinic room, maybe 10x12, eight doctors, residents, attendings, DOs and assorted med students got to observe the freak of nature known as yours truly (with Miss Em in tow, of course). Thankfully, this was one exam that took place fully clothed (minus shoes) so it wasn't too embarassing. Thank goodness for small miracles.

So, I started with two oseopathic doctors (the DOs) and then, after their inital assessment, they invited the other 6 medical personel to observe/learn for the rest of the appointment. Basically, I stood, sat or laid down on the exam table and got poked, prodded and physically manipulated through a series of calisthenics, all for an audience. I still really don't know who was officially in charge, but I do know the official diagnosis for all my recent back and hip pain.

Apparently, in addition to hormones during pregnancy wreaking havoc, I have some sort of minor deformity in the way my left hip is positioned (nothing worth fixing, I presume) and a somewhat significantly longer left leg than right. As a result, I have been walking around for 30 years, not quite well-balanced and the muscles on the left side of my body just decided that they had had enough of doing all the work, so combined with the Relaxin hormone released in pregnancy, they "seized" up and caused extensive pain. I even heard about a possible sprain in some muscle in my lower back, though I could not even begin to explain what it was called.

So the solution to my short leg/long leg problem is a heel lift. From here on out, I will be wearing some sort of insert in my right shoe to help even me out. Of course, a specific height cannot be determined without a very exact x-ray, and due to pregnancy I cannot have said x-ray, so for the time-being we will be experimenting with a couple of heights to see which one feels better. Then, once this little troublemaker (I mean, bundle of joy) makes his or her appearance, I will go for a very detailed x-ray to determine the exact height of my "lift".

Now I am very grateful that something was found, because I have always (since being a kid) thought that I had a hip/leg that was higher/longer than the other, but I couldn't prove it. I also have quite a lot of fairly minor hip pain, particularly after doing a lot of walking. Now I have an answer as to why. The doctor also said that I might notice less upper back/neck/shoulder and headache pain as a result of evening me out. I'm all for fewer headaches and general aches and pains.

So I left the office with a spring in my off-balance step and two prescriptions for two different heights of heel lifts. However, true to my typical luck these days, I have been on a wild goose chase trying to track down where to actually fill these prescriptions. Obviously Walgreens doesn't do this. But apparently neither does the home health care place that the doctor sent me to.

I called back to the office, got the nurse, waited on hold, was hung up on while waiting for a phone number, found the phone number myself, called the new place which also didn't "do that", got another number and then was told that "yes, they would fill my prescription but I would have to make an appointment, have an exam and then get casted for this thing-a-ma-gig". Since I think I can safely assume that they will not be very willing to make two casts at two different and quite possibly random heights, I decided to call my doctor back and find out for sure where I could get this lift.

That was all before 11:30. By 11:45, the same nurse who had hung up on me assured me that she would get the message to the doctor ASAP. By the closing of the office yesterday at 4:30, no one had ever called back. Surprise, surprise. So I guess my quest will continue, quite possibly in person this time, on Monday.

And so goes the beginning of project: Balancing Christina or She's Heightening

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What was that again, Sonny?

This picture pretty much summarizes how I may end up spending the rest of this (halfway-over) pregnancy. And no, I'm really not joking.

I am currently signed up for the "Osteo-clinic" Friday morning, at my doctor's office. I was told to wear sweats or comfy clothes so that the docs could "move" me more easily. I have no idea exactly what is involved, but if it helps my back and hips and legs feel better, then I am ALL for it. Besides, I'm sure Miss Emily will get a kick out of it.

Let me back up a bit, however, and explain. Last Wednesday, I helped out with Em's preschool v-day party in the morning (nothing strenuous) and then did a very little living room straightening up in the afternoon (again, nothing strenuous at all). Sometime late Wednesday afternoon/early evening, it became apparent that I had injured myself in a big way.

And so, until Sunday, I was pretty much in constant pain when moving from any postion. I could barely stand up straight, walk or lift my legs (like to put on pants). When I would shift positions when sitting, I had shooting pain in my back and hips. When I laid down to sleep, as long as I didn't move, I didn't hurt, but holy moly batman did it hurt to move or turn over (and I already can't lay on my back). We're talking nearly-crying-shooting-burning pain. I've never had anything like that.

So last Friday, I called the OB to see if she had any suggestions. She thought maybe it was due to hormones or the weight of the uterus causing bones and cartilage to shift (which is normal, but not usually this early in pregnancy). I kind of doubted the whole "the-uterus-is-too-heavy" deal because A.) the baby still weighs less than 1 lb. and B.) I have not only not gained any weight so far, but I have actually lost 6 lbs. due to not caring about eating or drinking for about 15 weeks. So I made an appt. with the OB on Tuesday and tried to survive until then.

Yesterday I went to the appt. I am feeling better and able to walk, but I still have a burning pain in my hip and spot along one side of my back and I can't do a lot of walking or standing without really starting to hurt again. Even doing the dishes does me in, apparently. I have accomplished most of two loads of laundry, loaded and used the dishwasher and hand-washed the rest of the dishes, along with taking Miss Em to school, picking her up, taking her to play at Chick-fil-a (and having a strange conversation with a strange lady who told me far too much personal information and then offered me her business card if I knew of anyone who was having trouble getting pregnant.) Yeah, that was way too weird and uncomfortable and I was more than ready to leave. So today hasn't been a total waste, but oh, there is still so much to be done and I just can't do much more.

Maybe tomorrow...and maybe with a walker!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Snakes in Walmart

A Ft. Lauderdale, FL. man was in Walmart, going about his normal shopping routine, when he claims he was bit by a pygmy rattlesnake. He is now suing Walmart for negligence since he was the third person to be bit by a snake in Walmart. The man has lingering respiratory problems and scars, but he still shops there because the prices are lower than anywhere else.

Now, understand, I am a shopper. I visit Walmart (and Target and Meijer...) more often than I should. I usually grocery shop in Walmart. I am there at least 1-2 times a week (mainly because I can never remember everything at once, even with lists).

That being said, if I knew that there were rattlesnakes in my Walmart, and if I had been the victim of one of these snakes, there is NO WAY I'd be back in that store. NO WAY! I might visit one in another town, but not the same one, ever again. Once bitten, twice shy...yeah that would be me.

So as I was telling that darling husband of mine about this last night, he got a sly grin on his face and said, "So, you're telling me that all I have to do is release some snakes into your favorite retail stores and that would stop you from shopping?"

Yeah, he's a keeper!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dow Plummets..

Yep, that's the stimulus bill already wreaking it's havoc. The Dow fell 400 points today and I'm willing to bet the reason is the passage of the economic "stimulus" bill in the Senate.

Get used to it, people. It's going to get worse.

3 Senators Need to Lose Their Jobs

Yep, the title pretty much says it all. Three RINO senators have made it patently obvious that they no longer deserve to be part of the Republican party.

Every single Republican in the House voted against the stimulus bill, not because it would change the outcome, but out of principle. All but three Republicans in the Senate stood their ground on the same principle. Three caved and did what they do best...betrayed the Republican party.

For voting for the "stimulus" bill, Sen. Olympia Snow, Sen. Susan Collins and Sen. Arlen Specter need to lose their next election. It's that simple.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Right to Choose...and It's Consequences

Today, Fox News has a story that should illustrate, once and for all, that the "right to choose" is exactly as it sounds....the right to choose whether a woman will consider her baby a lump of inanimate tissue and abort it, or whether that woman will choose to see her baby as a human being.

18-year-old Sycloria Williams made the choice to abort her baby after it became obvious to her that she could not afford a baby or care for a child. When she went to the Florida abortion clinic, an ultrasound showed that Williams was 23 weeks pregnant. She was far enough along in the pregnancy (more than half-way) to easily see and feel the baby kicking, to hear a strong heartbeat and for the baby to have a chance at life outside the womb. (24 weeks is considered viability, but babies have survived when born earlier and given the proper care.) Still, she chose to kill the baby because it was inconvenient at that time in her life.

Williams was given medication to begin the abortion process and then, when she returned, she was given more. Before the abortionist arrived to kill the baby, Williams delivered a live baby girl. Since the abortion provider was still not there, an unlicensed clinic owner cut the umbilical cord and stuffed the living, breathing baby in a plastic biohazard bag and threw her out in the trash. She took a live human being, with a very real chance at life, and carelessly threw the baby away to suffocate and die.

Williams, who realized that she had not delivered a blob of tissue, but a live human baby, became upset and is now suing the abortion clinic for killing her baby. She is suing someone else for doing what she willingly asked them to do. She wanted to get rid of the baby. She intended to kill it. The abortion clinic did exactly that, but what no one ever really told Ms. Williams was that she was carrying a real live baby that looked like a baby and when confronted with the plain truth, she was horrified by what was being done. She was horrified by what she had done.

An autopsy has proven that the baby's lungs were filled with air, so she was born alive. She had a real chance at life and then was mercilessly and inhumanely murdered and thrown out like garbage.

The Fox News story states that advocates on both sides of the issue (pro-life and pro-choice) are outraged by this story. I contend that the pro-choice people have absolutely no say and no reason to be upset. A young woman wanted to kill her child. She did not want to have the baby. The abortion clinic killed the baby. They got rid of the problem. So why should pro-choice advocates care or be concerned? Mission accomplished. If what was aborted was simply a blob of tissue, then who cares if it was stuffed in a bag and thrown out in the garbage? And why should this law suit even be allowed to go forward? What did the abortion clinic do that Ms. Williams should be upset about? After all, they only did what she chose and asked them to do. Was it pretty? Absolutely not. Was it effective? 100%

I have a feeling 18 year old Williams will never ever be the same...and perhaps, at the cost of a tiny precious human life, her eyes will opened to the truth and her heart will be forever changed.

How incredibly sad.

One of My Prouder Moments...

Well, I knew this pregnancy was different from last one very early on. With Emily, I had a very easy pregnancy. I had about 2 weeks of no appetite and then it was smooth sailing. I could not have asked for an easier, more enjoyable pregnancy.

With this little trouble-maker (ugh, I mean sweet-pea) there has been nothing but unfortunate symptoms. From all-day nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting and migraines, none of it has been easy or fun. I have not slept well from day one and I have aches and pains in my hips already (which I didn't have until 32+ weeks with Em).

But this week took me to a truly low moment.

I've been taking two new medications since my quick trip to the ER for rehydration. The zofran and verapamil seem to working quite well. I haven't puked since then, I feel much better in general and I am thrilled to say that I have not had any migraines since then either. But of course, these new meds are not without side-effects of their own. Normally, I don't have many (or any) side effects with medications, but apparently there is one that I will now have to consider much more carefully. The verapamil (a calcium channel blocker) mentioned that it could cause constipation (along with the more publicized dizzyness and low blood pressure). I didnt' really think too much about it because if you read the label and possible side effects of just about any medication, constipation is listed. So, I sailed through the first week on it, not paying any attention and still taking it pretty easy on the food as I gradually added food back into my life. Then came the second week. I was feeling pretty good and so I ate whatever I felt like (which oddly is generally more healthy than normal anyway.)

Then came this week.

And that's when it hit me (on Sunday night) that it had been a long time since I'd, well..ummm...gone. I wasn't sure how long, but I couldn't remember and from what I could remember it was already at the very least 5 days. Not good. So on Monday morning, I called the doctor and she told me to increase fiber (which I was already doing with shredded wheat and prunes...yes, I was getting desperate), to try colace and milk of magnesia.

And so on Monday evening, I found myself sitting across from Andrew, eating my prunes, taking my colace and milk of magnesia and wondering how I could possibly have gone from 30 to 85 overnight. I specifically remember telling Andrew that I was really not planning on having to do any of this until I was much, much older. We were laughing then.

By very early Tuesday morning, there was no more laughing. There were, however, tears. I comtemplated the fact that I may have an impacted bowel, considered another ER run and called the doctor again. Finally, after many trying hours, there was relief...and a clogged first in nearly 9 years of married life.

Yes, that evening, as we worked together to unclog the toilet, we were laughing again, but it was definitely not my proudest moment.