The Right Perspective

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pure Mischief

There's a t-shirt that I saw recently that says, "Mischief is my business and business is good!"

I think we may need to buy this shirt...perhaps in multiple sizes because it's a pretty good bet that the saying will remain accurate.

Mr. Ethan is 21 months and some odd days old now, and it's pretty clear that he is an ornery mess...but oh, so fun and happy and easy-going.

He loves his big sister, whom he calls "Em" and he adores (and copies) everything she has and does. He is especially fond of anything Barbie.

Despite his love of Barbies, he's all boy. He likes to run around with no clothes and kick back with the remote. I think they're just born with the need to have a remote in their hands!

He likes to play dress up with Emily's "pretties"...including any shoes that might be left out.

But again, he's all boy because he loves all things technological. He was being a little naughty today, playing with daddy's computer.

But like all ornery little boys, he knows how to make his momma laugh to get himself out of trouble. He's trying to wink in this picture. Oh, and who knew one Oreo could make such a huge mess?