The Right Perspective

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


 I've been working hard on my new career path.  This is my view most days (and some nights) now.  I'm almost done with learning all about how to code ICD-9 medical codes.....and my timing, as usual, is spectacular as those codes became officially obsolete when the medical community switched to ICD-10 codes on October 1st.  Oh well, the process is the same, but the apparently there are a lot more codes and they look vastly different.  Good times!  So in a couple more weeks, I'll take my final exam on the -9 codes and then start learning the -10 stuff.  Maybe sometime next year I'll actually be employable.

I have learned a ton, but mostly, I've learned that there is SO much I still don't know.  This is HARD.  I had no clue how much detail was involved, as well as how much medical knowledge is required.  I currently want to pull my hair out, but I am hopeful that I'll get this all figured out soon.

And now, in no particular order, are some pics from the last couple of months from around here.

 I looked up from studying one afternoon this summer and there was Ethan, posing.  Right now he's very proud of this picture....I figure that this will make a great pic to show at his graduation someday....

I know this isn't a great picture, but if you look out in the grass, you'll see our new little woodland creature friend.  I haven't seen him the last few days, but he was living in the little drain pipe just to the right of where he was standing, so I would see him as I stood looking out the kitchen window while washing dishes.

And way back in August, (how is it mid-October by the way?) both kiddos went back to school.  Ethan started kindergarten and Emily started 5th grade.  It's been nice to have them both in the same school and on the same schedule as it allows me to get a lot of work done without having to stop and start to pick someone up.

Here's Ethan on his very first day of Kindergarten.  He does have other kids in his class, he was just early!

And speaking of school, Bella decides that she wants to ride along for pickup some days.  I guess she gets bored with just me at home, because sometimes she will just follow me out to the garage and expect to go for a ride.  

A couple of weekends ago, we took Emily and a friend to a local kid's museum to play.  Ethan and dad tagged along too...this looks like a boat full of trouble!
Recognize these crazy people?  Andrew and I are on top and Ethan and Emily are below us.  It's disturbing....