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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Update

This will probably come back to bite me in the "boohind" (as Miss Em would say), but little Ethan is a pretty easy-going fellow. Not at all like his high-drama and maintenance big sister. (Of course, I can't imagine her any other way.)

Quite honestly, I had no idea two children from the same two sets of genes could be so diferent.

When Emily was an infant, from her very first night in the hospital, she did not want to be put down. She slept in my arms in my hospital bed, while I barely slept, so afraid I would drop her when I fell asleep. Emily had horrible startle reflexes that lasted well past the 3 month mark, meaning that whenever she would finally fall asleep enough that I could put her down, she would inevitably startle herself awake, over and over again. Miss Emily was a very fussy, colicky, bad sleeper. Okay, horrible sleeper. This lasted pretty much until this year. We visited the behavioral psychologist twice for the sleep issues. It didn't help, but that's how bad it was.

Ethan, on the other hand, seems to be a very laid-back little guy. He is perfectly fine being put down. He likes to sleep in his crib...or the play pen...and the swing (where he has currently been rocking back and forth for about 3 hours. He sometimes sleeps through diaper changes. He doesn't seem to greatly mind his bath. In fact, nothing much really seems to bother him. In huge contrast to his big sister, his little arms and legs stay very relaxed and other than the first couple of days in the hospital, he barely has any startle reflex. He just likes to chill. He fusses a little bit when he is hungry, but certainly not the soul wrenching screaming that Emily did for hours on end. In short, he is, at least to this point (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc...) a very easy baby. He has his days and nights a bit mixed up, which is making for a bit of mommy hazing, but even that is tolerable as he doesn't spend the wee hours screeching, just merely not sleeping.

I feel great. I must say that although the pregnancy and labor were hard, recovery this time around has been super easy. I almost immediately felt better than I had for the month or so leading up to delivery. All the aches and pains were almost instantly gone and I really have no complaints. I'm liking this kid out much better than in! I've also lost 30 pounds over the last 12 days....okay, probably much of that was during the actual pregnancy, but still, it's a very, very nice thing to be able to say. Hopefully it will stay some.

We've (that would be the 2 kiddos and I) have survived two outings to two different for grocery shopping and the other to find a new phone that the first Walmart was sold out of, and today we tackled the mall. All in all, life with two kids has been pretty good. Emily seems very smitten with her little brother and loves to talk to him, give him his pacifier and try to soothe and entertain him when he starts to fuss. She'll say something like "Hey little buddy, it's your big sister. It's okay. Mommy is a nice mommy." It's pretty sweet. She's a big helper (for real) and seems to relish her role as big sister. Let's just hope that lasts!

So that's our update. Thanks for all the kind comments and congrats.

Friday, July 24, 2009

More Ethan Pictures

Emily and Daddy, holding Ethan.
Big Sister, holding Ethan, all by herself for the first time. She has said all week, "I'll try holding him tomorrow...or when he gets bigger." Today, she finally asked to hold him all by herself. I think she's pretty proud of herself.
She loves to give him his pacifier and make silly faces at him when he cries to try to cheer him up. She's getting a fast education in having a baby around the house.
Ethan just hanging out on mom's lap.

Pop-pop, holding Ethan for the first time.

Aunt Kathy, holding Ethan for the first time.

And Finally....the Pictures!!

My computer has been plotting against me (and still is), but I have managed to finally get some pictures to post.
Above and below, Ethan, on his first day, after his first bath. Look at all that hair!!

Ethan on Sunday, after his official photo shoot. He's a great sleeper so far.

Close up!!

Grammy holding Ethan just about an hour after he was born.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ethan Paul has officially arrived!

Okay, so it was technically 4 days ago, but this is the first chance I've really had to post the facts and details. I'd love to post some of the pictures we took, but either my computer or Blogger is causing problems, so I'll have to try some other options.

Anyhow, Ethan was born at 6:05 on July 17, 2009, weighing in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 inches long. He is perfect and has a full head of long dark hair. So far, he is a very sleepy, quiet baby (something to which we are definitely not accustomed.)

We went in to the hospital on Thursday night (the 16th) to begin the induction process. Around 9:00 pm., the festivities began. By 10:30, the medication that was being used that "sometimes" can cause contractions to begin was working a little too well and causing me to have contractions that were literally one on top of the other, with no break. So, although I was supposed to have the medication all night, at midnight, the nurse came back in and stopped it because the contractions were coming too quickly to be safe. They continued, well throughout the night. I have to admit, it was a pretty rough start. I finally was able to fall asleep around 5:00 am., once the contractions had spaced out to around 4 minutes apart. At 7:30 am., I was supposed to be started on pitocin to start contractions, but I was still having them too close together for it to be safe to use pitocin. So, I was officially dilated to about 3-4 cm and in "active" labor. (Yeah, no kidding).

The doctor broke my water around 9:00 am. to speed things along and contractions continued usually around every 2-3 minutes. It was no fun. By this time with Emily, I had had her. This labor was definitely longer and much, much harder. I walked around the halls, the room, rocked in the rocking chair, did a couple crossword puzzles with Andrew and read a little. Basically anything to keep my mind off of feeling lousy. By around 3:00 pm, I was absolutely miserable. I felt far worse than I ever did throughout the entire labor and delivery with Emily. The doctor checked me and told me that I was only 6 cm. I was unbelieveably disappointed. Although I had no intention of using and pain medications, I knew that I wasn't going to make it much longer without something, and at the rate I was going, it could still be a while. So I opted for the Nubain iv meds. I don't know if that stuff works for anyone, but it certainly did nothing at all for me except make me feel dizzy and a little out of it.

And so it was that the epidural and the anesthesiologist and I became friends. And having had a completely natural and pretty easy labor and then a long hard labor with an epidural, I'd have to say, I don't regret the epidural one tiny little bit. I was terrified of the whole thought of a needle/catheter in my spine, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I was exhausted and in some pretty serious non-stop pain for 18 hours...and so the epidural was a wonderful thing. Within a couple of minutes, it was placed (pretty painlessly, I might add) and then I was blissfully pain-free. This was around 4:00 pm. Friday. The doctor went to do a c-section and then said that when she came back, I'd probably be ready for delivery.

The next two hours went quickly and MUCH more pleasantly. That epidural was pretty darn amazing. When the doctor came back, it was time to push...and so I did for about 20-30 minutes, painfree, and Ethan was born, healthy and happy, after a total of about 20 hours of labor.

Did I mention that he's perfect? Recovery this time has been a breeze. I actually feel better than I did before he was born. I have a bit of a backache, maybe due to the epidural, but otherwise, no complaints. Now, we just have to adjust to being a family of four. Emily is doing really well with the changes. She's sleeping in a different room this week because Grammy, Pop-pop and Aunt Kathy are here, helping. This alone, usually throws her for a huge loop, but so far, so good. She doesn't really want to hold little "bwuddew", but she does like to give him his pacifier and kiss his head.

And finally, since I can't post any of our candid shots for some reason, I will send you to a website where you can see some pictures that were taken in the hospital.

The website is . Once there, click on the "hospital newborns" tab on the right, then the online gallery. Find the picture of Ethan H. and click on it...then use the password "Teapot".

Thanks for all the prayers and support, they meant a lot!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Here's the deal, for all you inquiring minds who want to know....and even if you don't want to know!

I had my final OB appt. today. It's always encouraging to hear each and every nurse that you see ask why you're still there. "Umm, if it was up to me, I wouldn't be!" The receptionist said, when I checked in, "I assume you haven't moved in the last week". I replied that the only move I was planning on was into the hospital across the street. She laughed. I am quite serious.

I saw the same sadistic (did I say that out loud?) Dr. that I saw last week, much to my discouragement. After doing a thorough check of everything up to my tonsils, she declared me to be 2cm dilated, but not effaced at all. "Teapot" (as we've all grown accustomed to calling him) is still hanging out up high, thus not doing the work he needs to help this process along. So I told the doctor that I was concerned that he was either not head down or possibly too big. She suggested we go check on both possibilities. So off to the ultrasound machine we went.

"Teapot" is indeed head down, but not "locked and loaded", so to speak. He is also getting rather big. The current estimate, based on the ultrasound measurements, is 8 lbs. 11 oz. Emily was 7 lbs. 12 oz. at birth (which is approximately the same time as "teapot" will be cooking.)


So the doctor asked if I wanted to set a date to induce. I did and she thought that was a good plan. She said she didn't want to schedule for tomorrow, as she was on call and had 4 deliveries scheduled already. I was fine with that (Hallelujah!!) But the plan is to be admitted Thursday evening to start the festivities, then actually begin the induction on Friday morning. I have a feeling it will be a long night Thursday...and perhaps a rough day Friday. I'm not a wimp. I had Emily without so much as a dose of tylenol, and her birth also included Pitocin (used to induce, though I was already in labor with her). However, I spent the vast majority (about 70%) of labor with her at home, walking around and keeping busy. To the best of my knowledge, I'll probably be stuck in bed (the most uncomfortable place) for the duration of this labor, so who knows how this will go. Hopefully I'm wrong about this, but I know it's a good possibility.

So, with any luck, by sometime Friday, baby boy who will have a name, will be here safe and sound. Pray for us. It should be interesting.

Monday, July 13, 2009

No News....

Is no news.

Apparently my children are quite cozy during pregnancy and have no desire to come out and play.

Or maybe they're both going to be stubborn...heaven help us then!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Today was my due date. It would have been a cool birthday for a little guy with no name. However, unless I have a very incredibly fast labor and delivery (like in 2 hours start to finish), today is not the day.

I had another doctor's appointment this morning. There isn't much to report. I will say that I met yet another new OB and after our meeting, I am not a big fan. She was not gentle, to say the least, and I am not a wimp when it comes to pain. Let's just say that we are now WELL acquainted and I'd be fine never seeing her again.

So, anyone want to take a guess when this little guy is going to make his appearance? I might as well try to have some fun with this, since I'm pretty sure it will be another week before the OB's will even talk about inducing. At this rate, this kid is going to be 10 pounds. The most recent guess is 8.5 lbs.

Oh well, today would have been a good day....