The Right Perspective

Monday, January 06, 2014

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful....

You might have heard, but there's a little bit of winter weather happening in our neck of the woods.  Something about a "polar vortex" which I refuse to read about, since I'm actually experiencing it at the moment!
Here's a picture from Saturday night.  The relative calm at the beginning.
This looks like a typical winter night around these parts.  Cold, but not excessive, some inches of snow, but no big deal.
We got up Sunday morning, went to church and out for lunch and then came home to settle in for the "big storm". 

This is a picture of Sunday night.  It was getting pretty cold, but still above zero, if I recall.  However at this point, we were officially under a blizzard warning.  I think that was a pretty accurate description.

Driving conditions were pretty bad.  Of course, we weren't going anywhere.

And then there was this morning.  Approximately 18 inches of snow (in the bit that I dared to measure from the back door).  It was still blowing like crazy, but the sun did come out and stay out all day.  It was very deceptive though. 

Somewhere behind that tree is a retaining wall....I promise.

Nothing but snow....and cold.....

And this is right now.  I know it's a little hard to read, but the actual temperature is -14 degrees F.  And yes, that does say a windchill of -38 degrees F. 
A moment of silence please.

And this is why we have all been home all day with no school or work.  There is a state of emergency until noon tomorrow.  No school again tomorrow and Andrew has to go into work at some point, but not sure when. 
Fun stuff.