The Right Perspective

Saturday, January 15, 2011

News Flash: Christina Grows Up and Goes to the Dentist!

Yes, the time had come where I knew I had to put on my big girl pants and actually go to the dentist...because I had a tooth that just didn't feel right. It didn't hurt, per se, just felt weird when I would chew.

And so I went. I had no childcare until today, but all the Saturday appointments were taken, so I waited as a "walk-in" from about 10:30 until 1:00 or so.

I am now sporting a replaced/repaired/augmented filling (the old one was 20+ years old) and a brand spanking new filling because I have "very groovy teeth" which really means that I am horribly prone to cavities in my molars. I'm also sporting a very numb cheek, tongue and lip.

Fun stuff. But I survived. And I even made another appointment to do a full evaluation and cleaning in February. Shocking....I know. I'm sure I'll come to regret that.....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun in the Snow

I don't think these pictures need much explanation! (Enjoy Mom...and anyone else who still reads this!)

Trying to train them young!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

UPDATED: Snowed In...and Sick

Quick update:
So far, no more puking. Still not feeling great here. And the snowfall totals since Thursday? Drumroll please: 38.6 inches! It shatters the even the 1978 blizzard record.
And they still haven't cancelled school.
We've had some snow recently. Yesterday morning, the roads were mostly clear and there was a dusting of snow, with the grass still visible. Emily had school. Sometime shortly after I dropped her off, it started snowing...and it hasn't reall stopped, save for a brief break as I'm typing.
This was the view from the front door about two hours ago. It's what they call "Lake Effect" snow. And we are getting hammered.
Apparently we've set a record and we're not done yet.

According to the local news, we've had 23.6 inches of snow since MIDNIGHT! That sets a record for the highest one-day snowfall total ever, and that's only doesn't count anything that's fallen or will fall (more is predicted) since 1 pm.

That's on top of the six inches or so that we got during the day yesterday. I'm so glad I bothered to shovel the driveway last night....

Thankfully, it appears that a neighbor has snow-blowed our driveway for us....but we're not sure who because on top of the massive snow storm, we've also been dealing with sickness.

I've been feeling very sick, complete lack of appetite (not even wanting to drink, which is very out of the norm for me) and nauseated off and on through the day all week. I've eaten precious little this week and Ethan hasn't been himself either. Last night, I felt REALLY sick and around 3 am...well, let's just say it wasn't pretty.

I stayed in bed and let Andrew handle the kids and tried to rest and drink a little ginger ale, and even eventually got brave enough to try some dry cereal. I was beginning to think I was feeling better, when Andrew came to the door and informed me that Ethan had just vomited twice while eating his lunch. Oh joy! Poor little guy has never had a tummy bug before and I suspect that he's been feeling a lot like I have, which is to say...completely lousy.

I hope this is the worst of it, but this has been a very unusual virus, with no fever and rather long-lasting, so we'll see. Ethan is currently sleeping and I hope that when he wakes up, he'll feel much, much better. As for me, I hope the worst is over too....and that no one else catches this bug, but I fully recognize that that would be nothing short of a miracle.

I guess it's just as well that we aren't allowed to go anywhere due to the weather...we're in no shape for that!