The Right Perspective

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My New Title...

Guess who has new letters following her name?!

 I took my national medical coding certification exam on Saturday.  It was the CPC exam (certified professional coder) and took me 5 hours, 20 minutes to complete.  Yesterday evening, after obsessively checking my exam status, I found out that I passed with a score of 91%, which I am told puts me at "Magna Cum Laude" status!  From what I understand, the CPC credential is the gold standard for outpatient medical coding, so I'm good to start applying for positions.  However, I can also code inpatient and vastly prefer that, so I need another set of credentials to help open doors for hospital inpatient, after a quick celebratory dinner this evening, it's off to start studying for that 4 hour exam, and hopefully another set of new letters behind my name.

So far, it's Christina, B.S., CPC-A...and hopefully soon to include CCS!!