The Right Perspective

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Busy Bees

No excuses...I've been busy. Busy taking Emily to pre-school, busy having in-home speech therapy once again, busy being sick, busy (we've all had something in the last month) and busy with various doctors' appts. Was there time to blog? Yes. Did I feel like blogging? No. Did I have anything of importance to say to my loyal readers? Nope. Do I ever? Let's not answer that one! Either way, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So, what's on my mind these days? Hmmmm....this whole political process and our "choice" of candidates is giving me a headache and making me feel queasy all at the same time. Do I like McCain? Nope. Is he the lesser of two (or three) evils? I hope so. It remains to be seen. Am I worried about the outcome of the election? Well, frankly yes, but there's not much to be done about it at this point other than to trust that the One who already knows the outcome also understands the reasons and controls everything according to His will.

What else....? Oh yeah, I'm interested to see how American Idol shapes up this season. So far, it looks promising, but we'll see. I'm hoping it's a good year for the guys. I like Michael Johns (the Aussie), David Archileta (the 17 year old) and someone else that I can't think of at the moment.

And on the topic of tv...I'm going to miss American Gladiators. What great fun. Even Emily got in on the act, loudly cheering on all of the contestants in the final episode. She loves to see anyone fall in the water....smacking the crud out of each other....

Oh and have I mentioned that I'm officially sick of winter and snow and cold? I think we've had snow on the ground since before Christmas, at the very least. Enough already. Tonight's low is supposed to be -2 with lower wind chills. Will spring please come....NOW!

In Emily news, we resumed private speech therapy once every other week for an hour. Already, she is making great strides. She finally learned how to make the c/k sound (as in "cat"). Now we are working on putting at the beginning of words. She is so proud of herself and she should be. That was a very hard-fought battle and I think she knows it.

Speaking of Emily speaking....did you know that static in her hair keeps her from staying in bed and makes her cold? Funny, I didn't know that either! And here is yesterday's lunchtime conversation at the mall:

Em: "I don't like Indiana!" (no idea how this came up)

Me: "Why don't you like Indiana?"

Em: "Because it's too big."

Me: "Oh. Well, are we in Indiana now?"

Em: "No momma...we're in the mall!"

Silly me!

And finally, here are a few pictures from Valentine's day of Miss Em. Now you're all caught up!