The Right Perspective

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 - Santa's Gift

Emily asked Santa for a dollhouse for her Barbies this year. Since she didn't really specify the actual Pepto Bismol pink plastic (junky but expensive) Barbie house, Santa brought her this one for Christmas.

Word has it that Santa had his eye on a different model from Amazon, but Amazon decided to play games with Santa and jack the price up from $99 one day to almost $300 the an eventual all-time high of $1200.

Santa doesn't like Amazon all that much...or so I hear. He opted for the more affordable mortgage option from Walmart.

Santa's elves are pretty good at assembly. We figure they might actually be geniuses. All the estimates said it would take 2-3 hours and a power screwdriver for assembly. Santa's Indiana elves only needed one and half hours and a plain non-electric screwdriver. Geniuses, I say!
Barbie's house is not small. She needs space to party!

She also needs a fully furnished model, with elevator, baby grand piano, canopy bed, chandelier and a balcony. A girl's gotta live!

And Emily was quite happy. Perhaps a little overwhelmed. Her reaction was was non-existent. But since she's played with it every day since, I'm pretty sure she likes it.

And this is after a long day of partying in Barbie's house. On the first floor, Babs is ready to ride up in her elevator to visit Kelly, who is regaling Cinderella and Snow White with a little ditty on the baby grand.

And on the third floor, Susie is waving to all her adoring fans from the balcony while her horse sleeps in the bed. And to all....a good night!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Some Christmas Pictures

We attempted Christmas pictures yesterday afternoon. The only time that we could get in was right after school, so I picked up Emily and off we went. Ethan had just awaked from his nap and Emily was worn out after a long day at school, so I knew that I was quite possibly playing with fire. But we still went.
And the following are some of the better shots.
Ethan stays still for approximately .02 seconds after we position him.

This one just makes me laugh.

Ethan is one ornery kid. You can just tell by looking at him!

Miss Em is sweet and posed as always.

Ethan in his "Old Man" pajamas.

If you can drum on it...he will drum.

A boy and his (fake) cookie are not easily parted. (And yes, he did try to eat it.)

Sweet and innocent?

Pure adorable orneriness!

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!
So, hopefully I'll get my Christmas cards addressed and in the mail sometime soon. I think we got some cute pictures.