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Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Growing Cover Model

These are almost a month old now, but since they were part of a gift for her two grandmothers, I waited to post them.
Em and I went to a local state park and did a mini photo shoot to attempt to get something green and or colorful in our spring pictures. Everything was just beginning to bloom, but it was something.

All of these pictures (and a bunch more) went in photo albums/memory books from Hallmark. There were pages to write her favorite things about her Grandmas and a special place for her to record a short message. I think it was a hit!

Emily being a little silly...aka...herself.

I don't know why I like this picture exactly, I just do.

She got so close to this flower that all the pictures after this one show the pollen on her nose (which I couldn't see until I actually got the pictures back!)

In other, less cute news, I am finally feeling better. I still don't feel great, but maybe 75%, which is significant improvement. Only 3 more doses of antibiotics and two more days of wearing these (stupid), I mean, my glasses.
On the other hand, after a quick trip to the pediatrician yesterday, we discovered that Miss Emily has double ear infections, one quite bad, as a result of the chronic congestion she has from allergies. So she has just started her course of antibiotics which, after the Great Ear Infection from HE** which resulted in 5 days of torture (I mean, trying to force her to take liquid amoxicillin), ended with a shot of recephin antibiotic. This time, I asked for anything different and we ended up with a chewable form of amoxicillin.
I was picturing chewable tylenol size, but no....these things are the size of horse pills and she has to take 3 at a time, two times a day. The good news is that she doesn't seem to mind so far and she hasn't complained about her ears after the initial time that prompted the drs. visit.
So, now that all three of us have had a combined 5 antibiotics over the last you think we might be able to get and stay healthy for a while? Oh how I hope so!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nine Years Ago....

She married
Him and they

Lived happily ever after.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart! Nine years has flown by and I can't wait to see what the next 75 have in store!
I love you always,

Photos originally by Theis photography. They're much better when I'm not trying to take a picture of them!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well, I hear it was Memorial Day yesterday, but it sure wasn't one to remember around here.

Why? You ask.

Three reasons:

1. Cold with persistent annoying coughing that will not go away.

2. Strep Throat

3. Acute Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Emily is the one with the cold. Mostly, the cough is just annoying the heck out of her and waking her up for hours at night.

I am the lucky winner of numbers 2 and 3. I spent Saturday evening in the Medpoint Urgent Care center (where I swear they had the heat blasting) with a pink oozing eye and a very sore throat. When the doctor finally got to me (about 15 minutes before closing time), she quickly diagnosed acute conjunctivitis or pink eye (which I've never before had) and then I got to do the throat culture for strep throat, which I've also never had before. The rapid test came back negative, but the doctor prescribed antibiotics anyhow since I had all the symptoms and because, at 33+ weeks pregnant, I am far more susceptible to infections and they don't mess around.

So, starting Sunday morning, I've been taking antibiotic eye drops for my nasty oozing eye. (Seriously, my right eye would be glued shut in the morning and it would take literally prying my eyelids apart to open it.) I've also been taking Amoxicillin for the strep throat. And tylenol for pain....and the occasional sudafed for sinus pressure.

Thankfully, my eye seems to be much better (though it should be after using the eyedrops every two hours). My throat feels somewhat better today (so far), but my head is still pounding and I have a lot more days of antibiotics to get through.

Hope you all had a nicer Memorial Day weekend. As for me, I guess there's always next year.

And have I mentioned that we're down to only 6 more weeks of this pregnancy? I can make it, right?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Preschool Musical 2

Please pardon the sound and picture quality of these videos. I forgot to charge the video camera the night before, so these videos were taken with my regular digital camera. I had never used the video feature on the camera and I stink at holding the thing still, but at least I had some way to preserve these memories.

Her class is the 4-5 year olds and she is one of the youngest. Most are already 5. Clearly, though, she enjoys herself and her friends!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preschool Musical


So what does a gal do on her first day of summer vacation?
She hits the pool, of course!
Yes, we have a much larger pool, but it's not warm enough to use at the moment and so this one was a cheap, quick fix...and just perfect on an 85 degree day.

Watering the pool, apparently, is great fun.

Watering yourself is also pretty good.

My view from the swing wasn't too shabby either!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Global Warming My Rear End!

Short and sweet:

It's 57 degrees at 1:11 pm on May 16th.

Oh yeah, I believe in global warming, don't you?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!!

I do believe that May is the best month. I got engaged in May. I was married a year later in May. The weather is practically perfect. The flowers and trees are in bloom, the grass is green, the trees finally have leaves again and the temperatures (around here, in the mid 60's-low 70's) are what I believe God intended year round before Adam and Eve screwed up.
Above is the pink dogwood tree in the front yard.

Here are the tulips at one corner of the house. There were a couple of hyacinths, but they've already bloomed and died.

All along the sidewalk, the tulips that Emily and I planted last fall are finally in full are the weeds. However, I'm in no condition (or mood) to weed at the moment, so you'll have to excuse them.

A few of these pink and white tulips just bloomed today. I think they might have been a special variety that helped support breast cancer research, but I can't remember for sure. They took almost 2 extra weeks to bloom, though.

The view out the front door.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


You know it's not your day when:

~ You try to accomplish all your errands in one trip (because you are 31 weeks pregnant and just dang tired) by going to the Super Target that always has all the things you know you need....and they are either completely sold out or no longer carrying two of the most essential items on your list.

~ You sneeze violently, while simultaneously biting the edge of your tongue, nearly shearing it off, leaving you with a bruised tongue for at least the rest of the day.

~ You pick up your child from preschool and discover that she has declared your favorite tv show (for a mother's day card) to be "The Young and the Restless". (Yes, I do watch. No, I'm not proud and it's the only show remotely like that which I watch. Still, not my proudest moment.)

~ Your 4.5 year old daughter manages to keep herself completely clean through lunch out at the restaurant, but you spill your own drink all over your shirt and pants. Nice touch!

Still, all was not lost. In the same Mother's Day card from said 4.5 year old daughter, your age and weight are listed at 4 years and 5 lbs.

It could have been much, much worse!