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Thursday, January 08, 2015

A December Recap of all the Fun

Well, I'm just a couple of weeks behind, but here's a quick recap of our December. 
Emily was "Mary" in her school Christmas play.  In the picture below, she and "Joseph" were having their big scene.
Ethan had a preschool Christmas play, but I neglected to bring my "real" camera and so I don't have any good shots of him, but he was there and he looked thrilled (or not!) to be there.
And then we had Christmas.  My in-laws were gracious enough to take pity on my poor surgery-battered self and offered to come to our house on Christmas morning.  So they had to get up quite early, since they live about 2 hours away.  But the kids were thrilled to have Grandma and Pa come for presents and brunch.  Everything was very low-key, which is always nice.

The theme of Ethan's Christmas might as well have been superheroes because just about everything he got had some sort of superhero connection.  (Note the Batman pjs and Marvel superhero Infinity game.)

As you can see, he was quite pleased with his Batcave.

And then there was Emily, who at 10, is becoming a bit more challenging to buy for.  But she got her first sets of Lego Friends and was quite happy.
But what she wanted most of all, came in a smaller package....
Her very own "real" camera.  She was a very excited girl when she finally got to that present.

After we opened all of the gifts from the grandparents, mom and dad and Santa, we had brunch.  A yummy egg, sausage and cheese casserole, fresh fruit and homemade cinnamon rolls.  It was all pretty tasty if I do say so myself.  Of course, I didn't think it tasted so good many hours later when  massive migraine took over and I did the only "regifting" of the year.  I'm fairly certain orange juice and breakfast casserole are both dead to me.
After Grandma and Pa left, we started in on round two of Christmas with the gifts from my side of the family.  Emily got lots of clothes like the sweater above and some gift cards since she is now a big shopper. 
Ethan got more superhero stuff, some of which has already been pictured since my pictures were a bit out of order.

Ethan got a star wars t-shirt, ninja turtle pjs, a ninja turtle stuffed animal that he'd been eyeing for a long time and some more ninja turtle toys. 

Other than a couple of clothing items, this might have been his only non-superhero gift, and it was a real-life hero policeman costume, which I am convinced he wanted solely for the handcuffs that came with it.  He took great pleasure in cuffing his big sister and mom and dad and giving us all tickets (since he now knows what that is thanks to my first ever encounter with being given a ticket for an expired license plate...see my previous post!)

More superhero toys...this time we're back to Batman, but notice he's changed into his Ninja Turtle pjs....he had to try them all out!

After a while, we opened stockings.  I think he liked his!
All in all, we had a very peaceful and stress-free Christmas.  We missed the rest of our families who were either down and out with the flu or too far away to come, but it was nice to just be able to stay put and not have to be exposed to all sorts of germs right before my most recent surgery.  Hopefully by this time next Christmas I'll be telling more interesting stories and not be blogging like 84 year old "Maude" about all my health problems.  It's been a year, people!!