The Right Perspective

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Out With The Old...

Once upon a time, a young couple bought their first couch.  They were young (did I mention that?), just married, far away from family and fancy-free (except for the gallant gentleman who was studying for the Bar Exam and the fair maiden who was preparing to student teach). 
This young couple lived on the third floor of a nice little apartment and since neither of them was technically working during that summer immediately after their wedding, they were living on a small stipend from the husband's soon-to-be-pending-passage-of-said-bar-exam.  As such, although they had bedroom furniture and a second-hand kitchen table, they had nothing but two lawn chairs upon which to sit in their living room. 
After a few months, the lawn chairs were, well....getting old....and uncomfy, so the couple went off in desperate search of a couch.  (I believe that Andrew was gainfully employed by that time.)  We were in a bit of a hurry because we were tired of sitting on the lawn chairs, so we opted to choose an in-stock (probably floor model, if I recall) couch and have it delivered as soon as possible.  We chose a dark blue dual reclining La-Z-Boy couch and loveseat and comfort (if not style) was had by all.
I would include a picture of said couch, but that was before we had a digital camera (remember, this was 12 and a half years ago), and you've probably seen it in the background of countless other posts. 
The couch was comfy and held up well, but alas, it could not last forever....particularly when a certain 8 year old and 3 year old who shall remain nameless, liked to jump and fly onto and sit on the backs and arms of the reclining couch.  And so it was, that a few weeks ago, Andrew came home from a particularly long day at work and found that when he sat down in "his" seat, he was no longer sitting upright, but laying back and leaning off to the left.  Thus, the old blue couch had breathed it's last.  (Of course, if you ask either of the unnamed children in this story, they will swear to you that they had nothing to do with the couch's demise.)
So, after once again searching for a new couch, this time with the firm belief that a neutral color was a must, a couch was found, and after much deliberation and measurements and visitations, ultimately purchased.
And then it was delivered....and holy cow, it's a big brown beast of couch, but it is the most comfy delightful piece of furniture ever (in my humble and completely biased opinion)!
Here she is!  As you look straight at the couch from this angle, there are two recliners, then a wedge piece, a single chair and closest to you, a chaise lounger which will also fully recline.
We call the chaise section "Carlos" because Andrew thinks that "Chaise" is a dumb word.  And he's claimed it as his own.  It's big enough to easily hold him and both kids or two adults.
I took this picture from one of the recliners that has become "my" seat.  This is how far away I am from Andrew when he's sitting on "Carlos".  Next to me (between the two recliners) and next to "Carlos" are two arm rests that open up for storage and have two cupholders built in.  We won't make any style magazines, but it works great for us!
And here is the view from "my" seat of the other side of the living room.  We had to completely flip-flop the layout of the room to fit the sectional.  So the tv now sits where the couch has always sat and the new couch sits where a whole lot of other things used to be!  It took a few days to get used to the new set-up after 8+ years of the same layout, but I have come to enjoy it very much.  Sometimes it's good to shake things up and get a new perspective....and new furniture!