The Right Perspective

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day Of Kindergarten

Today was Emily's first day of Kindergarten! She is going to a Christian school with a class of 11 children: 8 girls and 3 boys. Last year, she was one of only 4 girls and a bunch of boys, so we'll see how things go.
Below, a picture from this morning. She's sporting her fancy new school uniform (one of several style options) and looks pretty excited.
The picture below is from the first day of school last year. She just keeps getting taller!

Em and her new backpack. She has her own little hook for her coat and backpack outside the classroom door. She also has her own cubby hole for her extra tennis shoes and supplies. She sits at one of 4 tables with two other kids, a boy and a girl.

Emily will be going to full-day Kindergarten (from 8-3) this year. She was fine as we left home this morning, but by the time we reached her school, she was getting a bit worried. She got into the school building and said that her tummy hurt and that she felt sick, which is common when she gets anxious, but she managed to put her things away and pick out a picture to color. There were some tears, and Ethan helped me stroke her hair and hug her and tell her that we loved her. When I left, she was sitting at her table, trying to color. What a brave, sweet little girl! I made it out of the school before my tears started. Hopefully by the end of the day, she'll have learned the joy of recess and lunch with new friends.

The cupcake "cake" that Miss Em will be having to celebrate her very first day of Kindergarten. We are so proud.

Here's hoping for a great first day!