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Friday, June 03, 2016

My Graduates

 We've had a few graduations around here in the last couple of weeks.  I graduated from my medical coding program in April and then last week, Ethan graduated from Kindergarten and Emily graduated from elementary school.  

The picture above is of Ethan with his teacher, Miss Liechty.  He had a great Kindergarten year and we are so blessed that she was his teacher.

The official 1st grader!

 Ethan's class....lots of boys!

There's the real Ethan!

Ethan and Dad

See, I really am there...Ethan and Mom

Ethan and his teacher

The whole family!

And the best part of graduation.....the cake!

Two days later, Emily graduated from 5th grade and is now officially a middle schooler!  Heaven help us!!

Here she is with two of her friends, Lily and Emily, singing a song.

Her class was large for her school...I got most of them in the picture! 

Emily receiving her certificate from her teacher, Mrs. Kane. 


Bekah said...

A few things:


2. It's too bad Ethan has no personality. :) What a little cutie!

3. DO NOT LOOK, but your daughter is almost as tall as you are.

4. It's been far too long since I saw all of you in one picture. It made my heart happy!

Christina said...

Thanks! It's unbelievable to me that I have a middle-schooler and a 1st grader. And everyone keeps commenting that Emily is almost as tall as me...

Malott said...

Great pictures... Thanks for posting